Quality and environmental policy

2.3.1 Quality and environmental policy

In order to meet with our customers' demands on quality and environment, and to have continued customer confidence, we have established guidelines for our operations:


  • We shall offer our customers turned and pressed details as well as fastening elements with a high degree of quality to competitive prices. We use local manufacturers whenever possible, preferably our own subsidiaries. We also value environmental aspects.
  • All personnel in the company shall participate in the quality and environmental work.
  • We shall follow current legislation with regard to environmental and other activities. In addition, we shall also meet other demands from customers and interested parties whenever possible.
  • We shall take advantage of our experience and continuously strive to improve our quality and environmental management systems.
  • We shall offer products free from conflictminerals.

In addition, the following applies to Quality:

  • We shall always deliver the "right quality" at the "right time".
  • We shall strive for zero defects through documented procedures and developed supplier contacts.
  • We shall offer a wide range of products and a service level customers will perceive as the best on the market.
  • Our quality system shall result in such a cost-efficient business that our products will be competitive regards price.

In addition, the following applies to Environment:

  • Our activities shall in a rational manner be adapted to a recycling society.
  • The degree of recycling of products, waste and other activities that impact on the environment shall be improved as and when it is financially viable.
  • We shall prevent pollution and strive to avoid contaminating the air, water and land.
  • We shall monitor our energy consumption and our transports, and when financially viable choose environmental friendly alternatives.


Our policy is repeated in our activity handbook, our website and on notice boards at the factory. We shall inform all parties working for Swemix or on behalf of Swemix of our policy. The policy, like our environmental aspects, are also available to the general public on request.



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