Turning is our dominating area of manufacture in which we have most of our machinery. We can handle bar stock with diameters up to 80 mm. Larger details are manufactured from short bar cut-offs.

We machine many different materials such as steel, aluminium, brass, stainless and plastic.

Manufacturing techniques are:

CNC turning

Modern CNC lathes of high- quality makes: Nakamura, Miyano, Mori-Seiki, Traub and Mazak. Some machines are equipped with two spindles and three turrets with powered tools. With these we can perform even more advanced work.

Straight Turning

For the manufacture of bars and long details. Makes of machinery you can find here are: Gildemeister, Citizen, Traub, etc.

Automatic Turning

Cost-efficient machining. In many cases, it is the somewhat simpler details that are suitable for these machines.


More turned parts:

Swemix 20130422-24.jpg Fig 004-1.jpg IMG_4283.JPG DSC_7756_2.JPG DSC_7728_x.jpg DSC_7741.jpg DSC_7758.jpg DSC_7777.jpg DSC_7792.JPG DSC_7807.jpg DSC_7809.jpg DSC_7812.JPG DSC_7800.JPG