Sheet metal working

We are very well equipped to manufacture sheet metal products. In many cases, the sheet metal is further processed by e.g. hemming, riveting, welding.

A suitable machining method is chosen depending on the size of the series:


Automatic pressing on nine press lines with up to 315 metric tons of force. We can handle sheet metal up to 650 mm in width and 6 mm in thickness.             

Manual department with eccentric and hydraulic presses, where we also carry out deep-drawing.

We have a fully equipped tool section with milling cutters, grinding and EDM machines for manufacturing tools and fixtures.

Laser cutting

Our fibre laser is very powerful and efficient. Working area 4 x 2 m. Cutting capacity up to 20mm in steel.

Welding and soldering

Robot welding in CMT, and manual welding in MIG/MAG. We also carry out spot welding, all-round welding, projection welding, etc. In addition, we also have gas and induction soldering.


More sheet metal parts:

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